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Full academic recognition worldwide, American Degree (BA)

This comprehensive Bachelor’s program provides education on several aspects of psychology including social, abnormal, cross-cultural, clinical and industrial. The degree will offer students a solid foundation for future study or to advance into a career in the field.

The psychology program focuses on understanding human behavior and the way we think. This degree includes a required completion of general education studies including classes on history, political science, philosophy, literature, or business.

A general education not only contributes to the growth of a cultivated, well-rounded and well-informed human being, it also provides a strong foundation for further educational and career advancement opportunities. A broad education offers you full access to a Master’s degree within the American university system.

Key Program Information


Four years

Start Dates

Fall 2023 – 28.08.2023 // Spring 2024 – 29.01.2024


€5000 in first semester (12-19 credits or 4-6 courses). From second semester onwards €385 per credit (full-time studies), 440€ per credit (part-time studies)

Required credits

120 US credits

Entry Requirements

High school diploma and any equivalent school certificate such as for example IB, Abitur, Bagrut, IGCSE and transcript of grades.


Campus Am Rupenhorn Berlin

Program Structure

US Degree Track (120 US credit hours)

  • Core Requirements in General Education
  • Electives (55 US credit hours)
  • Psychology Major (34 US credit hours)

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