MA in General Psychology
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MA in General Psychology

Full academic recognition worldwide, American Degree (MA)

Our Master’s Program in General Psychology provides broad insight into a variety of sub-fields of the discipline, including Developmental Psychology, Psychopathology, Cognition and Emotion, Personality, and Clinical Psychology. The degree offers students a comprehensive foundation for further study (applied clinical, counseling, or research-focused doctoral degree) or a career in any profession related to the promotion of health and the prevention of illness. The program covers contemporary challenges of general psychology applications, such as media-enabled health and illness, multicultural counselling, and health concerns in the context of global crises. The program is research-centered, requiring students to complete their own research as part of their degree requirement.

The goals of the MA Program in General Psychology are to:

  1. Develop foundational competencies in research design, application, and ethics within academic general psychology.
  2. Explore major areas of study within academic psychology.
  3. Illustrate the potential of media and technology for psychological research, prevention, and intervention.
  4. Demonstrate self-awareness and an understanding of the impact of cultural factors in multicultural and diverse societies as well as the role of social justice and advocacy in the field of psychology globally.
  5. Understand educational and career opportunities within academic psychology.

Note: the MA Program in General Psychology does not include clinical training and is not intended to prepare students for clinical practice. 

The MA Program in General Psychology was designed for a variety of students, including students who:

  1. Are not yet ready to apply to a doctoral program but are considering doing so in the future.
  2. Wish to improve their competitiveness for a doctoral program.
  3. Are interested in exploring a career in psychology.

Careers in Psychology

For students who wish to apply their advanced knowledge of general psychology, a variety of professional roles may be attractive, including:

  • Mental Health Professional
  • Family Support Advocate
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Research Data Analyst
  • Mental Performance Coach
  • Health and Wellness Specialist
  • Corporate Gender and Diversity Officer


Standard duration

Two years

Start Dates

Spring 2024



Required credits

41 US credits

Entry Requirements

Bachelor´s Degree


Campus Am Rupenhorn Berlin


Applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a minimum of 3 years study and a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0. As part of their application process, students who do not hold a US bachelor’s degree are required to have their transcripts translated and evaluated by a Touro-approved agency, as proof of equivalency. A list of agencies is available by logging onto

As part of your bachelor’s studies, you should have successfully completed the following four prerequisite undergraduate courses: Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics, and a research-methods-related course like Experimental Psychology or Introduction to Empirical Research.

If you have not completed the above prerequisite undergraduate courses, have a low cumulative GPA (CGPA), or hold a bachelor’s degree unrelated to psychology, you may be required to complete our Psychology MA preparatory courses prior to beginning your studies. The preparatory courses are offered at an additional expense to the main MA program in psychology.

There is no minimum professional experience required, but relevant research or professional experience is taken into consideration, especially for applicants who have not completed a psychology degree.

Non-native speakers must provide proof of English proficiency. We accept the following qualifications and tests: TOEFL iBT (minimum score: 80), IELTS Academic (minimum score: 6.5).

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