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Touro Berlin offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Management, Psychology, Cybersecurity, MBA, MA Psychology and MA Holocaust Studies – all accredited in the United States. Our small community boasts a genuinely diverse international faculty, staff, and student body. We believe in an education based on small classes and interactive learning, and notably, we conduct all teaching in English.



Prof. Dr. Holger Lüdeke

Dean Undegraduate Studies

What I enjoy most about Touro is our applied, hands-on approach. Also, as our faculty have stressed for years, through the multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of Touro Berlin every classroom becomes an opportunity to interact with someone who represents a different culture and worldview. We are a small community which gives us many opportunities for learning and research collaborations across all programs

Touro Berlin offers undergraduate degrees in Business Management, Psychology and Cybersecurity. The program in Business Management provides a broad understanding of core business principles with the option to choose a concentration in the following areas: Marketing, Management, or Finance. The comprehensive bachelor’s program in Psychology provides education on several aspects of psychology including social, abnormal, cross-cultural, and industrial.

The Cybersecurity program offers an introduction to current knowledge in network and system administration and security. We provide access to cyber-attack simulators and give lectures on topics such as ERP security, Social Engineering and life hacking events.

The degrees will provide students with a solid foundation for future study or to advance into a career in the field. 

Bachelor of Art (B.A.)


Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Business Administration

Bachelor of Science (BSc)



Touro Berlin offers graduate degrees in Holocaust Studies as well as business administration (MBA). The MBA program aims to provide students with a concrete foundation of essential business theories and real-world management skills. Graduates will form the expertise needed to pursue a career in strategic planning, finance, sales, or marketing. Through this varied program, students will gain the opportunity to develop global perspectives on team management and core concepts of international business.


Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein

Dean MBA

Our MBA program is very compact and business oriented. It attracts young professionals who are working during the day and can study with us in the evenings. I enjoy seeing how our bachelor graduates mature as they continue in the master program, and how all our MBA students find a successful career path after graduating from Touro

The MA program in Holocaust Studies/Tolerance Studies explores the memory of the past in order to provide students with tools for a critical understanding of the present. The curriculum makes extensive use of Berlin’s Jewish as well as its Nazi history, its memorials, museums, and historical sites. Students will have the opportunity to study at the Institut für Judaistik (Institute for Jewish Studies) at the Free University (FU) of Berlin.


Prof. Dr. Peter Klein

Dean MA Holocaust Studies/Tolerance Studies

With our MA program in Holocaust Studies/Tolerance Studies, we offer a degree program that remains unique in the EU. The opportunities for research and outreach at memorials und museums is overwhelmingly good. This city has an infrastructure that is optimal for history, commemoration and education alike. And everywhere we have pitched our tents


Business Administration


Holocaust Studies/Tolerance Studies



Coming Soon

Summer School

Touro Berlin offers short, intensive summer courses from its degree programs open for regular and visiting students.


First Session June 12 – June 23

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 12:45 PM

CRITICAL THINKING (General Studies) by Thomas Walsh

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 01:45 PM

ACCOUNTING II (Business Studies) by Prof. Dr. Birgit Wolf

Second Session July 17 – July 28

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 12:45 PM

TOPICS IN LITERATURE (General Studies) by Thomas Walsh

INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY (General Studies) by Louise von Stechow


Important note: The further instructions about in-person/Online meetings will be provided by the instructor in the syllabus.

First Session June 04 – June 26

Monday 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM       Sunday 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM


First Session August


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Sevara Khaitmetova

Registrar & Student Advisor

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